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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pinzon 8-Piece Stainless-Steel Kitchen Tool Set with Canister Holder

I purchased this and liked it so much that I have decided to give another set as a wedding gift. These are well made and look very nice. Exactly the kind of thing you would want to be seen in a kitchen, not hiding in a drawer. (And this is coming from a man!)

You get a good variety of items, just what every cook needs. Keep in mind that these are not coated and thus may not be suitable for non-stick cookware. (You should avoid non-stick pans anyway since it was recently determined to have carcinogenic properties! Go for stainless steel!)

Love is in the details. The size and shape of the handle should allow all sizes of hands to grasp firmly. The handles are also stainless steel but are designed not to get hot as they are separated from the shank of the handle. They have attractive hooks on the end if you want to hang them. The fork has a little plastic sleeve to cover the tines so you don't stab yourself reaching for another item. The bin is bottom heavy so it will not tip and has this little pad at the bottom so you don't damage a item when you drop it in. It is also large enough that you can add a couple of other items easily.

This is a handsome set that should last for years while retaining a "like new" appearance.

Dishwasher safe!

I give this set five stars despite the fact that they do no stir food automatically or turn over my eggs without breaking the yolks.
Pinzon Stainless-Steel Kitchen Gadget

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